The Synthesis Universe VR games are exclusively VR contents and are awaiting the release of VR input controls and their SDKs.

The first game to be release is called -Maze- Release at launch of VR platforms. (Q1-Q2 2016)

SU will be released on Oculus Rift+Touch, PsVR (Project Morpheus), Samsung GearVR and HTC-VIVE

They will probably feature Sixense STEM, Virtuix Omni, PrioVR (As I am a backer for these). A Perception Neuron from Noitom is used for media announcements.

Synthesis Universe Won “Best Art Direction” at the Proto Awards in September 2014!

The demo is available NOW on Oculus Share ! (DK2) -Nov 12th 2014-

SU is in VR since the arrival of Oculus DK1 : May 2013 !












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