SVVR_PitchROlivierJT, creator of SU, VR Ambassador and VR Evangelist

I have been working on that universe since early 2012 and my main goal is to create a coherent universe with it’s own set of rules and eco-system.

Since the upcoming of VR I have been creating and researching VR as a game and media content platform.

As the VR community is France is non existent : there are no monthly VR meetups, I have connected with the VR community roots : the Silicon Valley one and the ones withing the USA. I recently met a great community in Cologne. I have to travel more to reach everybody.

Today I am still trying to grow the VR community, but France is the equivalent of the Salon (Related to Beaux arts). I am a VR Impressionist in a way.

I want VR to be mainstream and not limited to “PME” and professionals who only evolve within their own closed bubble. VR for gaming and the masses is not here yet and promoting it take time, investment and dedication.

It’s (due) time for the French VR community to gather and expand, the VR train has left the station, it’s unstoppable but there is still time to add to it!

I wish I could start a VR community in France but as I am “just me” I can’t spare the resources (time and money) to seed. These takes time and commitment and SU will stall too much in term of content creation.

I am available everywhere under “OlivierJT” if you need information, help or anything regarding VR it will be a pleasure to be your VR guide. And if you create a Meetup, I will answer the calling, just tell me where and when.

More about me in the media :

You can hear more about me here. (Interview By Kent Bye, Voice of VR #45, May 2014 during SVVR)

A letter to the VR Reddit Community here.

Un article des Players du Dimanche : par ici. (Post GamesCom 2014)

Interview de OlivierJT sur la VR, Gamix, MCM (Nov 2015) par ici.


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